Who we are

Who We Are
We build heroes in schools.
“To be in good moral condition requires at least as much training as to be in good physical condition.” — Jawaharlal Nehru

We are heroism trainers.
Kids know what heroes are. They see them on television and read about them in stories.
…But most of them don’t realize they have the chance to be the hero of their own story.
When you talk about what makes a hero truly heroic, you get down to values we can all use. You give the kids a set of tools for life.
By opening a discussion about heroism and introducing a common vocabulary and value set, you set the stage for a successful, bully-free environment where small acts of kindness are encouraged and valued.
Heroism is a choice. It can be trained. We provide a road map that helps with the bumps along the hero’s path.

We believe:
small group presentations create valuable conversations
there should be no hidden fees
it’s vital to cater to multiple learning styles
students shouldn’t have to see the same presentation year after year
eighth graders should not have to put up with fourth grade material
a program should not create more work for teachers, but instead provide materials to easily continue the path of learning
Who is behind the Hero Construction Company?

Matt Langdon is the founder of The Hero Construction Company. He can also be found at The Hero Handbook, where he writes for an adult audience on how to become a hero and change the world. He is also the curator of The Gallery of Heroes – the internet’s best list of heroes.
Matt has been working with the idea of heroes to create positive change in kids and adults alike with one of the most well known names in psychology, Dr. Phil Zimbardo – Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. His work has been featured in Dr. Zimbardo’s TED talks on heroism. The professor had this to say of the Hero Construction Company:
I have been working closely and personally with Matt from the first time I discovered this educational gem, and we plan to collaborate to build it out by combining it with my Heroic Imagination Project. We want to go national on the way to reaching out to youth and adults globally.
An Australian living in the United States, Matt’s program has also been presented in England and France.
The Hero Construction Company has been featured in:
The Guardian of London
The Flint Journal
Radio Enso
Coach Radio