What We Do

What We Do
We come to you and present to one classroom at a time.
The Basics

“The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it’s a bystander.”

The Hero Construction Company comes to you. We set up at the school to present to one classroom at a time. We offer three age-specific programs – ranging from 4th grade through high school.
These presentations are designed to spark a curiosity in students that is nurtured by their teachers after we leave. We provide resources on this site to help and also know that teachers are brilliant people who will create all sorts of fun followups.
We only provide these basic presentations the first six weeks of the school year and the first six weeks after the December holiday break. This is due to our belief that character building programs should be a base for a long-term, continuous effort.

The Next Level

The best way to continue the message of our presentation is to have all school staff reinforcing it on a regular basis. Staff can find resources on this site as well as sign up for the regular newsletter.
Coming in a close second is having us come back with another presentation. The second (and third) visit is customized for your school based on your needs. It may be targeted at reducing bullying or changing the school environment, as we’ve done at Baker Middle School in Troy. It may be linked to a book that the whole grade has read, as we’ve done at Grand Blanc West Middle School. It may be something completely different that you’ve conceived.

The Dream

Our dream is to build a year-round relationship with your school district. We want to see your students half a dozen times during their formative years with the same message, but new content. We want to engage with the parents to let them know what their kids are working on. The same goes for the local businesses. In short, we’d like your town to be a Hero Town.
This dream has already begun in numerous Michigan schools and we’ve seen how well it works.
Now it’s your turn.
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Results we’re proud to have played a part in.
a 40% reduction in behaviour referrals at Grand Blanc Middle School
a culture-shift over four years at Baker Middle School
considered part of the school community at Mt. Morris Junior High School
integrated with curriculum specifics such as shared reading programs and the International Baccalaureate

The things we believe guide everything we do.
small audiences allow for valuable conversations
students should never have to see the same presentation twice
every presentation should be created with a specific age-group in mind
a program should not create more work for teachers, but instead provide materials to easily continue the learning
nothing is more effective than building a relationship with the school community

This is deliberately a small company – you’ll notice the difference.
genuine, no frills approach that treats students (and teachers) like human beings
research-based programming
all programs are age-specific
we use real world language, not made up words or jargon
we can create custom programming for your school or your issue
low overhead, so the cost can stay down

Simple Pricing
Your price will never go up. Once you sign on, your price is fixed. Forever.
$250 per classroom
$150 travel surcharge for more than 150 miles from Brighton, MI
$600 travel surcharge for more than 300 miles from Brighton, MI