Get everything you need to continue (or begin) teaching heroism in your classroom.
The best way to continue the message of our presentation is to have all school staff reinforcing it on a regular basis. Staff can find resources here, as well as sign up for the regular newsletter.
The Hero Deck
Students (and teachers) love playing this addictive card game. The bonus is that they’ll be learning as they play. The cards feature 52 heroes from around the world with biographical details and ratings in each of the Heroic Attributes.
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The HCC Newsletter
This weekly newsletter contains ideas for teaching heroism in the classroom, the latest hero-related news, and updates from other hero organizations. You will definitely get something out of it – and we don’t use your email address for anything spammy or nasty.
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The Gallery of Heroes
This gallery is an edited and moderated collection of heroes from around the world. Inside you’ll find heroes from history and from now, from fiction and real life. There are famous heroes & barely-recognized heroes AND students can add their own heroes to the site too.
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For more people doing hero work around the world, browse through the links page.
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If you want to read more about the theories and practices that sit behind the Hero Construction Company presentations, then have a look at the Articles page.