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Four Ways to Improve Your Fitness Performance

Every experienced fitness geek knows that there are some limits that can be very hard to surpass, especially if you’ve been training for years. There will be a time when your fitness stats feel stagnant. And you will learn how to counteract that here.

Keep Your Exercise Compound

We’ve come a long way to find out that you can’t isolate a specific group of muscles and expect to enhance your athletic performance at the same time. To amp it up, you need to keep your exercise compound.

As stated on Healthline, compound exercises are workouts that impact multiple muscle groups all at once. For example, a deadlift requires your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, trapezius (upper and middle), rhomboids, and erector spinae to coordinate with one another. And that is why no matter who your instructor is, or what bodybuilding style you are following, deadlift or a variation of it is always on the menu.

Be Disciplined with Your Diet

Building muscles requires more than just working out. The foods you feed to your body also plays a significant role in it. In fact, muscle growth does not happen at the gym, but hours and days after the workout session. To illustrate this further, the muscles in your body are more of regenerating than growing. The sets and reps you do at the gym are actually to damage the body’s tissues. And as a way of adaptation, your body ‘grows’ muscles on the damaged parts. Therefore, you need to eat right to feed that regeneration process.

Make protein the most substantial portion of your diet. Don’t eliminate carbohydrates because lacking it can increase the metabolism burden on your liver and kidneys. Carbs are also essential to maintain the endurance of your muscles. Third, stuff yourself with fibers from veggies and fruits. If you’ve done all of this, but you still feel like you need more energy, don’t hesitate to take protein supplements.

Be More Active at Work

Prolonged sitting is probably a thing that all of us can’t escape from nowadays. According to a recent report, 9 hours of sitting increases the likelihood of your waist to expand, your hips, shoulders, ankles, and backs to gum up. And what’s worse is that working out can’t compensate for the damage caused by that behavior entirely.

Therefore, you should time your sitting hours. Stand up every three hours. Take a walk during the break. If you can walk to your work, do that instead of using the train.

Improve Your Rest

Your rest is just as vital as your workouts. As obvious as this may seem, many people still seem to neglect this principle. If you feel like your bed is to stiff to sleep on, change it to a softer one. If the light in your room often hurts your eyes and makes it difficult for you to go back to sleep after a bathroom break, change the bulbs. Make your bedroom a sanctuary that can help you to get well-rested and rejuvenated.…

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