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Three Ways to Improve the Security at Home

Criminals are always lurking and waiting for the right moments to act. Even though you live in a relatively safe area, if things can go wrong, they will. Such a cautious attitude is supposed to be on the mind of every house owner, especially those who have pricey goods stored in their home. And here, our team has wrapped up three most effective and practical ways to improve the security at your house.

Installing Surveillance Cameras

The good thing about surveillance cameras is that even the dummies can discourage a criminal to execute his/her plan. Therefore, placing one or two units in visible spots in the yard can be a bold statement of your house equipped with a security system. And as you might have known, security cams require storage for the visual data they gather, and the ones that have motion-detection feature may be costly. And for those dummies, you can use the cheapest models in the market. You can also turn them on only at night so that you can save energy and storage space.

However, you need other units that are more advanced in technology. Their primary purpose is to recognize perpetrators and serve as visual evidence of the crime. Therefore, you should place them in the blind spots of your home.

Moreover, you must not forget the indoor surveillance cameras. They must be equipped with a motion detector, infrared vision, and cloud storage integration. Indoor security cams are not only for gathering evidence but also survival. To make sure you get the right one, please read some reviews first.

Raising a Guard Dog

No matter how advanced security gadgets are, there are no protection means as straightforward as a guard dog. The barking alone will make the invader think twice to enter your house. And if the criminal persists, your guard dog can inflict injuries on him/her.

According to, here is a list of dog breeds that are best to be trained as a guard dog: Akita, German Shepherd, Doberman, Great Dane, American Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Boxer, Belgian Tervuren, Kuvasz, Moscow Watchdog, and Caucasian Shepherd. However, you must train your dog well so that you can control his aggressiveness toward the right target. If you are not sure with your ability to train your dog, please sign yourself in a dog training course and get professional assistance.

Being Vigilant and Observant

With the pervasive use of social media these days, sharing private information has become more and more normalized than ever. Facebook has the check-in feature where the user can post their whereabouts. And posting activities on Instagram has also been a familiar trend. However, if seen from the security and safety perspective, it would be better if you do not overshare your routines because such a habit allows a stalker to notice your most vulnerable time.

Furthermore, you must also be aware of your neighborhood. Although it sounds difficult, you have to train to memorize faces because burglars often do not invade a house without observing it first. Your ability to notice a suspicious stranger can give you an advantage in crime prevention.…

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glass bongs

Reasons to Buy a Glass Bong

When buying a filtration device for smoking herbs, then you need to consider a glass bong. There are other materials available out there, and it might be difficult to make a choice. Bongs are made using plastic, bamboo, ceramic and even metal.

It is important to choose a bong that will give you a good experience when smoking. Safety is also an important factor, and this is why glass bongs are recommended. Here are some of the reasons to consider a glass bong over any other material:

Variety of designs

One thing that you will love about glass bongs is the variety of designs. It is possible to get every design that you want. These bongs come in various styles and shapes depending on your preference. Glass is easy to form, and this means that you expect sleek designs from a glass material. This is quite different from other materials that might not give you a variety of options to select.

a glass bong

Pure taste

If you want to get a pure taste from the herbs, then it is advisable to use a glass bong. With glass, you will get the original taste of the herbs because glass does not burn. Other materials like plastic might burn and start producing a weird taste from the burning plastic.

The best thing about percolator bongs is the fact that it does not produce any funny taste even after burning for a long time. You will only get the true taste of the herbs.


When it comes to maintaining hygiene, glass is the best material to consider. You will be able to maintain hygiene of the bong because it is easy to see residue when it builds up. Anytime you see residue on the glass surface, then it is a sign that it is time to clean the glass. If you want to keep hygiene, then the glass is a good option to choose for a bong. Cleaning glass does not take a lot of time for compared to cleaning other materials.

glass bongs

Why people shy away from glass bongs

Some people do not like glass bongs. Like you already know, glass is a fragile material, and this means that it is likely to break. However, today we have thick glass which is a little bit stronger than the normal glass that we know. Glass bongs are suitable for private home use because they might need extra care. They are sleek, and they make smoking herbs feel luxurious.…

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