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Everything to Know About Test Clear Fake Urine

As you know, drug tests are quite scary. Your career and your livelihood are on the line. Therefore, there is a need to focus on passing your drug test even when you know how hard it is. One of your best options is to try synthetic urine and or detox drinks that work to cleanse your urine. Test Clear urine has been around for over two decades now, and over the years, it has acquired a great reputation. These products have a great success rate, and you can come across claims of rip-offs and dodgy products.

What is Test Clear Urine?

drug testAccording to Alex Theodore from www.dotstudy.org, test clear is one of the best fake pee that you can use to substitute your own urine to pass a urine test.  The manufacturer of Test Clear claims that the product has never failed in history. That is a huge claim that you will want to know whether the product stood up to rigorous testing. The fake urine kit comes with a vial of powdered urine that will help you to pass the test. You should stay away from lower-quality brands as they have a lower success rate. It also comes with a temperature strip and two air-activated heaters. Remember that you need to submit your urine sample at the right temperatures.

However, you cannot use the heaters for more than once. That means you may need several heaters and do your timing right.

Does Test Clear Fail?

Since the manufacturer is providing you with real urine, it explains why this product has such a high success rate. Most of the customer reviews posted online are positive and back up the claims of the manufacturer. You can feel confident using this particular product. It is simply the best you will find online. Remember that this synthetic urine is meant for unsupervised drug tests. However, if you are being supervised, then you should try other products such as Monkey Dong.

microscopic testingThe truth is that Test Clear is one of the best synthetic urine brands. The manufacturer has an excellent reputation without complaints. Also, the product seems to be safe for use. Many products on the market have unrealistic claims and make a lot of people to waste their money. Fortunately, Test Clear is a well-known drug testing solutions provider with researchers and scientists formulating their products. You can be assured of proven results and outstanding customer service.…

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