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Roof Access Panels

Roof access panels are doors used in covering roof openings. They are also used to provide access to those upper parts of your home via ladders or service stairs. There are different roof hatch designs. The design chosen depends on the accessibility requirements along with other structural elements. Besides the access door design, the nature of the structure also determines the ease of access. For instance, a home with a relatively high ceiling might need a ladder to gain access.

Uses of Access Doors

Personnel and Equipment Access

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Access door panels are mostly used to provide access to the ceiling or upper parts of your home. The type of access door or roof hatch used is always informed by the accessibility needs of that part of the roof. For instance, you need to know whether the access door will be used for only accessibility reasons or whether it will serve as an entry point for major equipment like HVAC conditioning systems.

New Installation

You can either buy an access door for a new roof or for replacement reasons. Some roofing hatches or access doors are designed purely for installation on new roofs. On the other hands, others are intended for replacement reasons. In most instances, low profile access doors are used for replacement thus eliminating the need for an overhaul of the entire roof.

Why You Need an Access Door

A roofing access door is more of an essential in any home. This unit is meant to provide convenient and easy access to and from the rooftop of your home or a commercial building. They are normally installed in those parts of the house with equipment’s that need to be maintained or replaced from time to time. Ideally, they facilitate easy removal or installation of large pieces of equipment on your premises.

Buying a Roof Hatch

Besides just having a roof access panel installed, it is imperative to ensure you get the right unit. Ideally, you need to buy them from a reputable manufacturer or retailer and at the same time look at the material properties of the access door. In most instances, roof access panels should be made from galvanized steel. From a designer’s perspective, see to it that the roof access panel is installed properly and if possible, let a professional installer do the job for you.…

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