Guidelines on Using Synthetic Urine to Beat a Drug Test

If you have been smoking weed and you are required to pass a drug test, don’t worry. You can still pass the test. All you need to do is use fake urine in the right way and get the results that you are looking for. Don’t even try to borrow someone else’s pee for the test. Just buy the right fake pee, and you will be home and dry. Here are a few guidelines on using synthetic urine to beat a drug test.

Be Choosy on the Lab

If you have the choice, choose a lab that allows unsupervised sample collection. Correctly, choose one that will enable you to go to a private room to provide the sample. Such a lab will provide the right environment for you to pour your fake pee into the sample bottle and pass it over to the lab technician. When the fake pee is handed over without being detected, you already know the test results.

Make It a Top Secret

You got the right synthetic pee kit and chose the right lab. Now, the elephant in the room is how to smuggle this urine into the test room. Remember that if it is detected, you have automatically failed. Therefore, hide it as much as you can so that no one notices it as you walk into the lab. There are special devices that have been designed to help you carry fake urine into the lab, and you may find them very useful.

Get the Right Fake Pee

urine in beakerLet us start with the quality of the fake pee that is suitable for a drug test. There are several brands of synthetic urine, and you must make sure that you pick the best to pass the test. Some don’t work. Indeed, you may find it necessary to read user reviews first before settling down on a specific brand.

One of the best synthetic pee in the market right now is monkey dong. It’s resembles human urine and has been by many people without complain. Here is the most comprehensive guide we’ve found on monkey donkey urine on how to use it to beat a urine test. Generally, an excellent synthetic pee should have all the components of natural urine including urea, ammonia and uric acid. It should taste and smell the same as real urine. It should also have the same color as real urine so that it is hard to detect. Make sure that your choice of synthetic pee comes with heating pads to keep it at the average body temperature when you hand it over to the lab assistant for examination.

Use a Fake Urine Belt

If you didn’t get a lab where sample collection is unsupervised, that is not the end of you. You can still pass the test in the labs where the collection of samples is under strict supervision. In these labs, use a fake urine belt to pump synthetic urine into the test bottle. The urine belt resembles a real penis and pumping fake urine into the sample bottle sounds like natural peeing.

In summary, if you want to use fake pee for a drug test, the poor use of this pee will be the last nail on your coffin. This is because once it is detected, you will be automatically disqualified.